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Quest 2 APKs: The Best Games and Apps You Can't Get on the Oculus Store

Hi guys so I was trying to download mods for blade and sorcery on my oculus quest 2, but for some reason my SideQuest looks completely different then all the tutorials that Have watched because they all say to click "Install APKS" but I don't have that, in fact mines a whole different layout, I will attach a screenshot below.

I know this is coming from the redditor who just taught you how to pirate almost every single VR game but I still like to support developers by buying their games if I enjoy them and it goes way further than you think when you buy a game.

quest 2 apks reddit

Download the latest version of QuestAppLauncher(Download the apk file))click on Install apk in the top right menu bar of sidequest, and navigate to QuestAppLauncher.apk

click on Install apk in the top right menu bar of sidequest, and navigate to com.apkinstaller.ApkInstaller_7.0-34_minAPI14(nodpi) (The APK file you downloaded earlier)

I'm currently on vacation and I only have my quest and a Chromebook. Unfortunately the Chromebook is organization locked so I can't download any third party apps onto it. I'm trying to figure out a way to put normal APK's on my quest. The app I had in mind is Retro Arch. I have the APK, the quest just doesn't seem to recognize it. I made a new folder within Quest/Android/data, but still no sign of it in unknown sources. Also, my Chromebook only recognizes the quest with developer mode turned off. Any way to do this without Sidequest and a Windows PC?

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I'm looking into side loading APKs through sidequest. I'm getting confused when I'm reading about the various versions of APKs based on different DPIs and different chipsets/operating systems (arm, arm64, x86, etc). Can anyone help me know which version I'm need to download for side loading?

I just found out a way to install any apk file on your Quest2 natively without the need to sideload. I'm not sure if this worked because of what I've done or if the ability to install apks came with the quest2's updates but I will post this just in case.

Hello so I just recently started side loading a couple Quest APK like pistol whip. I have about 50 Quest apks from a megathread but because sidequest has banned a lot of games I cannot upload through there.

Update: APK mirror had taken down the Reddit beta apk on the request on Reddit. We made a mirror for the same and link is provided at the end of the article. We too may take the link down soon. Hurry up!

Developers need to work on image viewing which is currently opening damn slow inside the built-in web browser and it is really irritating. You will find an option to moderate your own subreddits and view the subreddits your are following.

Sidequest launched shortly after the first Meta Quest in May 2019. The Sidequest program facilitates "sideloading" of VR apps. Sideloading is installing VR content outside of the tightly curated Meta Quest store. The Sidequest platform has a variety of VR apps uploaded to the platform by developers.

Sidequest has advantages for both users and developers. Users have a wider choice of VR apps, while developers can test experimental or in-development VR apps early in the market and get valuable feedback.

With the opening of the App Lab in February 2021, Meta copied the idea of a more open app store and experimentation platform for developers. The App Lab exists alongside the Oculus Quest Store and does not require sideloading, which further simplifies access to (largely) uncurated VR apps - a major advantage over Sidequest.

The creators of Sidequest, husband and wife team Shane and Orla Harris, are cooperating with Meta to ensure compliance with Meta's policies. Sidequest offers neither pornography nor pirated content. Sidequest also offers a control system that identifies abusive or dangerous content before sideloading. Content you find on Sidequest should therefore be largely harmless.

  • Because only the Advanced Installer offers the full range of Sidequest features, I explain how to install this version in this guide. The procedure should be identical for the first Meta Quest series and the Meta Quest Pro (info).There is a third way to install Sidequest that does not require a computer. You will need a newer Android smartphone and a USB-C cable to connect your VR headset to the smartphone. You can find a video tutorial for this variant of the Sidequest installation on YouTube.How do I install and use Sidequest?1. How to download Sidequest and install it on WindowsGo to the official website on your computer. Download the Advanced Installer and install the program on your computer.2. How to install the Android driver on WindowsDownload the Oculus ADB Drivers 2.0.Unzip the ZIP archive to a folder of your choice. Look for the file "android_winusb.inf". Right-click on it and select "Install". If a window appears with the message "The process was completed successfully", the driver was installed correctly.3. How to create a developer account and activate developer modeFor sideloading you need to create a Meta developer account.Log in to your meta account and then create an organization in the developer dashboard under a name of your choice. Note that you will need to provide credit card details and a phone number.Next, go to the Meta Quest app on your smartphone. Tap on "Menu" and then on "Devices". Connect the smartphone app to the running headset. Scroll down and tap "Development Mode." Activate it, and restart the Meta Quest 2.4. How to connect Meta Quest 2 to your computerConnect your running Meta Quest 2 to your computer via USB-C cable. For owners of the Elite strap with battery, the cable must be plugged into the housing of the headset.As soon as you put on the headset, two windows should appear that allow you to grant your PC access to Meta Quest 2. Confirm both requests.5. How to check the connection statusNow start Sidequest on your computer and click on the speech bubble with the question mark in the black bar in the upper right corner.Under "Connection Status" you can check if Sidequest has recognized your headset. If all four dots are green, you have done everything correctly.The large green dot at the top left also indicates that your headset is connected to Sidequest. If something is wrong, you will find short videos on the left that will guide you through the most important steps.6. How to use Sidequest on your computerNow you can use all Sidequest features on your computer. You can find them in the black bar in the upper right corner.The functions include, among others:Web browser: Search for VR content on Sidequest and install it on the headset. If an app is already available on the App Lab, you will be redirected to the App Lab product page instead.

  • Install APKs: Selects APKs (Android and VR apps) on your computer and manually installs them on the headset.

  • File Manager: Examine the folders on your headset and copy files from your PC to your headset or vice versa.

  • Examine VR apps: Here you can make backups of your VR apps and saves.

  • Settings: Adjust various settings on the headset.

To find VR apps that you have installed on Meta Quest 2 via Sidequest, open the app library and then the tab at the top right. Select "Unknown sources" there. Now you should see all installed VR apps.7. How to install Sidequest on Meta Quest 2To avoid having to connect Sidequest to your computer every time you want to download Sidequest content to your headset, you can install Sidequest as a VR app on Meta Quest 2.To do this, click on the speech bubble with the question mark again. You should now see a red button with the text "Install Sidequest in Your Headset" in the upper right corner. Click on it while the headset is connected to Sidequest and the Sidequest app will be installed on Meta Quest 2.If the installation worked, you should see "Latest Version installed". Now you can disconnect Meta Quest 2 from your computer and continue in Virtual Reality.8. How to use Sidequest with Meta Quest 2Open the app library and then the tab in the upper right corner. Select "Unknown sources" and then "Sidequest".Before you can get started, you'll need to create a Sidequest account and link it to the Sidequest app.Write down the code and open the URL on your PC or smartphone.Create an account and then enter the code to link the user account to the Sidequest app on your headset. Now Sidequest should start.At the top right, there are filters and a search box for VR apps, on the left side you can switch between "Games & Apps" and "Custom Homes" and go to Unknown Sources. All VR apps that you have installed via Sidequest appear there.If an app is already available in the App Lab, you will be redirected to the respective App Lab product page instead.If you want to use the advanced features of Sidequest (see step 6 after "Web browser"), you have to connect your headset to the computer and start the Sidequest program. The Sidequest VR app is only suitable for searching and installing VR content on Sidequest. Note: Links to online stores in articles can be so-called affiliate links. If you buy through this link, MIXED receives a commission from the provider. For you the price does not change.

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