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The Fallout From Google Reader Continues With The Launch Of Google Keep

At school, we watched the BBC\u2019s adaptation of The Day of the Triffids (1981) and saw how quickly society could go from civil to savage overnight. There were even cartoons explaining how to deal with radiative fallout. The apocalypse was something you got used to if you were born during the Cold War \u2014 it permeated your mental landscape.

The fallout from Google Reader continues with the launch of Google Keep

These symptoms are accompanied by the side effect of preparing, with the corresponding annoyance at the amount of tinned food that needs to be bought \u2018just-in-case\u2019. Apart from inside suitcases and under beds, there is nowhere to fit an extra preserve in our humble two-bedroom home. Camping gear, which we take out on reconnaissance weekends where we try out equipment takes most of our cupboard capacity and makes weekends in Paris a thing of fantasy. Luxury is too luxurious when the end of the world is near. And let me tell you a secret: you should not tell anybody you are preparing, because when TEOTWAWKI happens the people you casually told in the pub, the supermarket queue or in a lift, will come looting. They will remember you told them where you keep those precious cans and water bottles, of course. If there is something that the literature agrees on is that people will be violent, animalistic, lawless, fuelled with hunger, cold, instinct. So, keep your plans to yourself. On top of everything, I have to suffer in silence.

BUT, to get any money from this TAX they would have to prove that their articles are backed up by facts and failing that are unbiased. 90% of the tax would go to paying 3rd parties doing fact checking. This tax would not be paid for by tax payers but by ISPs and any service that shares the articles. If the Article is found to be lacking of real facts, then the Media company will not get any money and will have to pay a fine each time equal to the tax charged to ISPs for at least a year for every offense. They would also have to not sue companies like google for linking their articles. Also, any Linking page owner who pays the tax, those who follow the link can not be stopped by paywalls. 350c69d7ab


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