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Can You Buy Frequent Flyer Miles

Buying points is a nuanced activity. In the world of points travel, everything you do can be boiled down to a decision of economics. As a rule of thumb, you should generally avoid purchasing points and miles.

can you buy frequent flyer miles

Czech Airlines has one of the most obscure frequent flyer programs that very few people use. You can purchase up to 15,000 miles per year on a variable pricing scheme as shown in this table:

To purchase Ethiopian miles, you need to be a Blue (base-level), Silver, Gold, or Platinum ShebaMiles member. Furthermore, you have to visit an Ethiopian Airlines office to buy miles.

United Airlines uses to process its mileage purchases. One unique thing to keep in mind is that all additional bonus miles received count towards the maximum number of miles purchased per year.

So, it can seem appealing when an airline or hotel offers to sell you additional miles and points. And it can be particularly tempting when you can get a lucrative-sounding bonus. Recent mileage sales have offered up to a 200% bonus or 100,000 bonus miles.

Many airlines offer a mileage boost option when you purchase or check-in for a flight. As with buying miles without a bonus, it rarely makes sense to buy miles this way. The airline is just trying to take advantage of the fact that you already have your credit card out to make a purchase.

While airlines try to maximize revenue from business travelers, airlines never want to leave empty seats on a flight. So, although cash prices may be high, the airline may release award availability for more flexible travelers. You can take advantage of this situation by using miles when you need to book travel at the last minute.

Thankfully, I had enough miles in my account to cover the cost of this award. But, AA consistently runs mileage sales, and purchased AAdvantage miles usually post to the account right away. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you could top off your account with a purchase of miles and then redeem them right away for an award.

As the coronavirus pandemic surged in March 2020, I was one of many travelers that relied on miles to book last-minute one-way international flights to get home from overseas. My wife and I used 40,000 Virgin Atlantic Points each to book a flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta that was selling for $1,700 one-way.

The other time that it can make sense to buy miles is for business and first class awards. By both utilizing a mileage sale and airline sweet spots, you can get an incredible experience for a more reasonable out-of-pocket cost.

For example, at the time of writing, United is selling miles with a 100% bonus. That reduces the purchase rate to as low as 1.75 cents per point. For example, you can buy 120,000 United miles for $2,100.

How far can 120,000 miles get you? Well, United charges just 60,000 miles for business class awards to Europe. That means you can buy enough miles to book a one way business class award to Europe for two people. That works out to $1,050 per person plus just $5.60 of taxes and fees on the award.

Say you need just 2,000 more MileagePlus miles for a redemption. You can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to United at a 1-to-1 rate to top off your account. If you need a few thousand more SkyMiles, American Express Membership Rewards transfer 1-to-1 to Delta. For AAdvantage miles, you can transfer Marriott Bonvoy points to American Airlines at a 3-to-1 transfer ratio, with a 5,000 airline mile bonus for transferring 60,000 Bonvoy points.

Alaska Mileage Plan has been devaluing partner redemptions left and right, but the current promotion could be appealing if you're ready to buy and redeem miles quickly. The 50% bonus kicks in when you buy at least 30,000 miles, with smaller bonuses available on smaller mileage purchases. Alaska charges around an 8% tax recovery fee when you buy miles.

Avianca LifeMiles is offering up to a 155% bonus when you buy at least 51,000 miles by March 29. You'll unlock smaller bonuses when you buy fewer miles. Although this promotion isn't quite as generous as the 165% bonus LifeMiles offered earlier this year, it still can be a great way to book Star Alliance award tickets at a fraction of the normal price.

United MileagePlus is offering a bonus when you buy miles by March 19. You'll unlock a 50% bonus when you buy over 5,000 miles, a 75% bonus on over 15,000 miles and a 100% bonus when you buy at least 40,000 miles. Still, the purchase rate is significantly above TPG's valuation of United miles.

Instead, go for a card that offers a solid return on non-bonus spending. Remember that you may incur foreign transaction fees on some cards when buying points or miles from a program abroad. As such, you may want to use one of the following cards:

The main exception to this rule is American Airlines. The airline reportedly codes mileage purchases as airfare, so you may want to use a credit card that earns bonus miles on airfare for the highest returns when buying AAdvantage miles.

Frequent flyer miles are miles you earn toward free flights with an airline or its participating partners. You typically collect them through an airline loyalty program, but there are other easy ways to boost your stash of miles. As your mileage balance grows over time, the goal is to accumulate enough miles for free flights and additional benefits.

Most cards will give you at least 1X miles for every dollar you spend, allowing you to rack up rewards every time you make a purchase with your card. You may also earn a higher rate for purchases in certain categories with a tiered rewards card.

Lastly, some loyalty programs allow you to pool your points or miles with other family and friends who have points or miles with the same program. For example, Hilton Honors lets you combine points with up to 10 other members, which could be the boost you need to then convert your points into miles and book that free flight.

Purchasing flight miles is an excellent idea. Why? Flight miles are, in essence, almost like real money. How? When you save up your airline miles until you have a significant amount, you can utilize them to purchase airline tickets, book hotels, rent cars, and so much more. What if you are a bit short of the necessary amount of flight miles you need for your purchase? Buying flight miles is your answer.

Some airlines allow you to use air miles/points to pay for some of the airline ticket and pay the remainder by cash. Other airlines do not allow this, and require you to have enough miles to pay for the entire flight. For the latter, can easily purchase airline miles online to complete paying in all miles for the order.

You can purchase airline miles at most airlines, directly from the airline. However, you will most likely get a much better price by buying miles from an independent broker, such as This is because airlines generally keep the prices for airline miles high so as not to compete against themselves.

Earning frequent flyer miles can be a great way to save on travel and indulge in luxuries like upgrades that you may otherwise be unable to afford. But when you are short on miles, airlines can take advantage of their upper hand by charging 3.5 cents or more per mile and even imposing limits on how many miles you can buy. Buy Airline Miles eliminates the airline from the equation, which lets you buy as many miles as you need at a discounted price. Simply select your airline, enter the number of miles and complete your purchase. Miles will be transferred to your account quickly with no additional fees or hassle so you can travel in style.

I cannot recommend this company enough! Brilliant. I was curious about buying miles for a Cathay flight I wanted to get on points. I thought, why not give it a go. This is the first time i've bought points. I purchased 46,000 cx miles and (I kid you not) less than 24 hours later the miles were in my account. Brilliant and v easy / reliable. They also reached out to me to let me know the order was received and they'd process the next day. Thank you! I will be a return customer for sure.

I was skeptical at first, but the transaction was smooth and quick. I purchased the miles I needed online (I was only short a few thousand for a reward ticket) and within minutes received a confirmation and within 24 hours, the miles were in my account. Would definitely recommend, especially if you only need 10-20K miles to reach an international award ticket.

I recently purchased 40,000 ANA miles from this website, as I was short of some miles to complete an online award booking redemption. I was very skeptical about purchasing miles from the mileage brokers, due to the fear of airline closing my account or losing the entire flight transaction etc.,I still went ahead with it and the miles were posted in my account within a few days. The company stayed in touch via email regarding the transaction and even offered to cancel the order, as there was some unexpected delay.Transferring MR points to ANA take a few days and the overall time was similar from the broker as well. I have finally completed the booking with the required total miles and will update this review if there are any complications. If everything goes well, I will purchase miles again from this broker.I wish they sell JAL miles also on their website, which are very useful but difficult to earn and transfer from credit card points.Overall, they provide a wonderful service for the award flight booking, though frowned upon by the airlines.

With more than 10 years experience in the miles industry, we are now offering airline miles at wholesale rates. While most of our customers turn to us to sell their unused miles and credit card points in return for cash, we have a very active group of customers across the world who buy miles from us.

Using miles saves travelers a bundle on airline fares - especially for international flights in business and first class. To understand when to use miles and how much you'll save, search your route on your airline and see how many miles are required for the trip. Then check our free pricing tool above for an instant quote to compare it to the revenue fare. We are convinced that you will see the benefit of buying miles on our platform. 041b061a72


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