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How to Get Honor of Kings Global APK for Free on Android Devices

Honor of Kings, one of the most played MOBA games for the mobile platforms, developed by Level Infinite, has finally started to roll out the global version of the game. After a successful beta, the game has officially launched exclusively in Brazil. However, players from any country of the world can try out the game even before the global release. In this article, we will show you the steps to download Honor of Kings global version from any country of the world on MEmu.

download honor of kings global apk

Honor of Kings (HoK) is one of the latest mobile MOBA titles released. However, the game is currently in its testing phase and is only available in selected regions. The game is one of the most popular esports titles in China and is looking to expand its reach globally, starting in Brazil. Despite the game only being available in selected regions, a lot of players want to know how to download Honor of Kings from outside Brazil and try the game out for themselves. This can be done using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) however the process may vary for Android and iOS devices. Here is a guide on how to download Honor of Kings from outside Brazil.

Learning how to download Honor of Kings from outside Brazil on both Android and iOS is crucial if you wish to try the game due to its limitations. The global release date is yet to be revealed by Tencent, the creator of the mobile MOBA title.

Jadi honor of kings apk adalah sebuah game moba yang kini sedang viral karena suatu alasan tertentu. Gameplaynya sendiri hampir sama dengan permainan yang memilki genre moba lainnya. Namun untuk art, dan karakternya terbilang masih sangat fresh, jadi kalian tidak perlu khawatir.


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