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Best Moscow Mule Mugs To Buy

To select the best Moscow Mule mugs, we scoured popular retail sites, searching for mugs that were well-reviewed, made of quality materials, and offered unique styles in a range of price points. Additionally, we cross-referenced the user reviews on other websites to ensure they were accurate, and compared with what other sources recommended. Additionally, we consulted with experts to see what they consider when purchasing a Moscow Mule mug.

best moscow mule mugs to buy

As mentioned above, Moscow mule mugs are traditionally made of copper, but can be lined with other materials like stainless steel, tin, or nickel. According to Tiffanie Barriere, known as The Drinking Coach, the lining does matter. She recommends a mug with a stainless steel lining, but says any other material will negatively affect the taste.

Whilst they might not have taken the top spot on this list as the best overall mugs, the straws, spoon, and jigger add a totally new dimension to the drink and give you so many fun features to play around with.

Though most Moscow Mule mugs still stick to the classic design of a round bowl and hammered copper, some manufacturers have given the vessel a contemporary makeover. Here are the best moscow mule mugs to add to your collection or give as a gift to the Moscow Mule enthusiast in your life.

"Mule Science's set of authentic Moscow mule mugs will brighten your home bars. These copper mugs are unlined and are made of 100% pure copper. They have a food-grade lacquer coating on the inside and out, so you don't have to worry about them rusting or leaching into your drinks.

These mugs have a long history which gives an authentic moscow mule experience. Buyers can also choose between a smooth or hammered finish. Even though these mugs are expensive, they are made to last and would make great gifts, including that it has an option for a personal message."

"The Kamojo copper is our best design because it has flowers and filigree pressed into it. With these printed mugs, you can add a touch of fun to your bar cart. However, the copper can be thick enough for the embossing to work, so they are less strong than other options.

Also, thin copper needs extra care to keep it from getting dents, so be careful when using these beautiful mugs or washing them by hand. They come in a set of two and would make a great gift for a couple who loves Moscow mules."

"In these lovely copper mugs, you can serve your favorite alcoholic shooters and mini versions of Moscow mules! These stainless steel-lined cups hold up to two fluid ounces, and their lacquered copper finish prevents tarnishing.

"I found these to be the best value of all other mule mugs with monograms. The monogram badge is secured well to the mug. I have not tested it through the dishwasher yet, but all four mugs are consistent in appearance and have no manufacturing defects."

We hope this list of the best Moscow mule mugs helped you find the perfect vessel for your home bar. But if you're looking for the best Moscow mule mugs, we recommend Mule Science. They're handmade and use 100% pure copper. Plus, their customer service is top-notch.

A common design element of copper mugs is a welded handle. They come with thumb rests and can be made of brass, stainless steel, or pure copper. Consider how comfortable it feels. Since Moscow mule mugs hold 16 ounces, they must have sturdy handles that can support the weight of the drink.

These copper mule mugs have a stainless steel lining on the inside with a copper, hammered finish on the outside, which makes them much easier to clean. A gold brass handle makes them stand out. This style is similar to the original Moscow mule mugs.

If you prefer pure copper mugs, this set has a look very similar to the ones above but is made from pure copper. This set of traditional Moscow mule mugs comes with extra accessories including copper straws and a copper jigger that complete the look.

When choosing Moscow mule mugs, look for good insulation and coated copper to ensure the vessel is food-safe, says Danny Ronen, founder of DC Spirits and spirits educator for Shaker & Spoon. These 100% copper mugs have both, plus welded handles and a non-scratch base.

This Moscow mule mug has a sleeker, more interesting design than the standard copper mug with a handle, says Brandon Lockman, lead bartender at Red Star Tavern in Portland, Oregon. And, unlike most other Moscow mule mugs, it's dishwasher-safe, making it incredibly functional for regular use.

You can't go wrong with these Moscow mule copper mugs, which are constructed from 100% food-grade copper. They are handcrafted and hammered with a welded handle for added strength. Each set includes four mugs, as well as four copper straws and a bonus copper shot glass.

What We Liked: Only 100% pure copper was used to create these Moscow mule copper mugs, resulting in their shiny appearance. The mugs are a great choice when serving mixed drinks, as well as chilled iced teas and coffees. The quality of the mugs is so great, you may even want to order a second set to gift to a friend.

What We Liked: These Moscow mule copper mugs are tarnish-resistant and food-safe. Consumers will appreciate the complimentary jigger, set of straws and straw cleaning brush. In fact, it also comes with a free ebook that is filled with delicious cocktails that you can serve in your new mugs.

If you don't know where to start, you can't go wrong with these A29 Moscow mule mugs. You'll get four copper mugs, four copper straws, and a recipe book to help get you started. The 16 ounce capacity is perfect to hold your drink and ice cubes without spilling over.

Want to save as much as possible? You can pick up a set of four copper Moscow mule mugs for under $30! These handmade mugs are crafted from 100% copper, and have a 16 ounce capacity, so you aren't sacrificing any quality. at a lower price point.

If you just need a set of mugs for two of you, or you need the perfect engagement/wedding gift, pick up this set of two Moscow mule mugs. The 100% copper mugs are handmade, and add the perfect touch of shine to a home bar or kitchen. Bonus? Only buying two mugs means they're way easier to store.

Spruce up your home bars with this gorgeous set of authentic Moscow mule mugs by Mule Science! This collection is unlined with each copper mug 100% pure. If that concerns you, worry not, as these 16-ounce mugs have food-grade lacquer coating inside and out. Thus, making them safe-to-use, everyday mugs for cold drinks.

The dimpled design is handcrafted for a truly classic mug. On the whole, they make an excellent set of two low-cost Moscow mule mugs. And with an added accessory of rose gold straws, nothing could be of greater value than this drinkware!

Travel back in time and enjoy a sip of cranberry mule or your favorite beer with these copper tankard mugs! This beer stein mug by Alchemade definitely gives off a medieval vibe to your modern Moscow mule drink. Each 20-ounce tankard is made of stainless steel and is copper plated.

No two are the same with these handmade Moscow mule mugs by Benicci! These quality handcrafted mugs are made of solid, food-grade pure copper. Each uniquely handmade mug is also unlined, making them authentic Moscow mule drinkware.

These premium vintage Moscow mule mugs by Yooreka make the perfect timeless glassware! It comes in a set of four 100% pure copper mugs that are great for parties and dinner events. Each 16-ounce mug is cylindrical-shaped, unlined, and specially handcrafted in India.

The hammered finish of these vintage copper mugs adds an elegant, antique touch to each glassware. And because Yooreka only wants to give you the finest, it also comes with an amazing set of accessories. You can whip up cocktails like this strawberry Moscow mule in no time with its added shot glass, copper straws, and mango wooden coasters.

Serve up your favorite alcoholic shooters like this dark angel liqueur recipe in these adorable mini Moscow mule mugs! These can hold up to two fluid ounces of tasty drinks and are lined with stainless steel. Additionally, these small copper cups have a lacquered copper finish to resist tarnishing.

These insulated Moscow mule mugs by Deik are great value drinkware! These mugs are pure copper cups that are stainless steel lined. Its double-wall construction also keeps drinks ice cold for up to two hours. With its smooth cup edge, you can drink up your favorite Moscow mule recipe without a hitch.

Many Moscow mule mug fanatics will stand by the use of an unlined pure copper mug. Depending on where you stand, both types of mugs have their benefits. Most pure copper mugs are safe to drink from because of their food-grade safe lacquer coatings. Those lined with stainless steel, nickel, or tin add a layer of protection. At the same time, it helps increase the strength and durability of copper-plated mugs.

A copper mug can be factory manufactured or handcrafted. Most factory-manufactured mugs will have a uniform look and are inexpensive. Whereas a handcrafted copper mug made by artisans will be a bit pricey. Many opt for handcrafted Moscow mule mugs, as these add charm to their home bars, and often, no two are the same.

The three main ingredients of a Moscow mule drink are vodka, lime, and ginger beer. All three of these are reactive to copper mugs, making this glassware the perfect vessel to serve them in. Copper makes the ginger beer fizzier for a more refreshing sip. Cold copper also brightens the flavor of lime juice and boosts the tangy citrus notes. Moreover, the metal oxidizes when it comes in contact with vodka. This amplifies the flavor and aroma of the liquor for an elevated drinking experience.

Many copper mugs are not safe to use in dishwashers. This is because dishwashers use harsh soaps, as well as washing and heating methods. To best care for your copper mug, it is best to do hand wash only, using warm water and mild soaps. Scrub the copper in circular motions for 30 seconds before washing them off with warm water. Drying the mug twice with separate soft dish towels is important as well. The first dry is to get rid of the first layer of moisture. And the second dry is to help keep the shine of the mug and remove any residual moisture. 041b061a72


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