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Tikhon Sorokin
Tikhon Sorokin

Aura Guitars KONTAKT

We deep-sampled 12 different guitars, including a Martin Guitar, 12-String Guitar, American Dobro, Mandolin, Ukulele, 8-String Schecter, Bass Guitars, Silent Guitar, Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Les Paul. Everything was sampled symmetrically, so you can freely blend several guitars together. All guitars were sampled with chords (perfect 5th) and single notes, so you can create just about anything you want.

Aura Guitars KONTAKT


Aura Guitars contains both chords (all sampled in perfect 5th) and single notes. The mixture between chords and single notes allows you to virtually create any chord you want and fully control the aura. The chords were sampled both muted and open, so you can control whether you want a non-tonal strum or freely open up the chord.

Aura Guitars is a collection of 12 deep-sampled guitars scripted into a rhythm based kontakt instrument. The sample library contains 12 different guitars including a Martin Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Acoustic, Dobro, Mandolin, Ukulele, 8 String Schecter, Silent Guitar, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul and assortment of Bass Guitars.

The library comes with both single notes and chord samples and weighs in at 8.8GB (lossless compression from 17GB). Aura Guitars has a single kontakt patch with 3 modules, so you can load and blend up to three of the supplied guitar samples together. The library was designed for ease of use and inspiration and comes with a random function to randomly load samples, sequences and effects.

Symphonic Destruction is an entirely new approach to the traditional orchestral sample library. Heavyocity combines traditional, hybrid, synth, and even heavy guitars in their innovative symphonic library to help fuel your compositions. The package includes approximately 27 GB of samples for the latest Kontakt engine.


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