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Vmware Vcenter Converter Standalone 3.0 3 Download PORTABLE

  • Download Hashxvm-3.1.jar - SHA256: 3a490880f10c62bd3a6d0a82e3ed9ade5c55df802e2b4cb301aa52157038abde

  • xvm-3.0.jar - SHA256: a33ce87e848bc2cc51bd63ac316a35615d46eb14872984d7e66d779c92c6e586

  • xvm-2.6.jar - SHA256: b6020bbcd046b5fcc2b7d9c3e62beafb4d9f906658b710630687b7b06d575474

  • Requirements vCenter Server 6.0 Update 3 or above (ESXi hosts must also be 6.0u3+

  • Java Runtime Environment 1.8-10

  • Web Browser

  • Please review for Cross vCenter vMotion requirementsInstructionsRun the utility jar file from a shell window. To use the plugin UI add the details of the vCenter Server 6.7U1+ which will be used to access the vSphere Client.Java 8:$ java -jar xvm-3.0.jar --vcenter.fqdn=VCENTER-IP-OR-FQDN --vcenter.user=ADMIN-USER --vcenter.pass=ADMIN-PASSWORDJava 9/10:java --add-modules -jar xvm-3.0.jarDefault app port is 8443 which can be changed (e.g., 31000) by providing an additional flag:$ java -jar -Dserver.port=31000 xvm-3.0.jarNote: If you wish to just use the standalone client, you can simply omit the vCenter Server registration and then access the standalone UI using : (default port 8443)$ java -jar xvm-3.0.jarAccess the UI of the utilityTo use the plugin go to -IP-OR-FQDN/ui in the browser and login.To use the standalone UI (deprecated) connect to the app from the browser by using IP address/hostname of the machine ( for localhost) where the utility is running as 'host' :&ltport&gtRegister vCenter servers for migration operationsfrom 'vCenter Servers List' view of the pluginfrom 'Register' tab of the standalone UI.Provide required parameters:Sitename: a name to identify the vCenter servervCenter Hostname/IP address, username, passwordTrust server: select to skip SSL certificate verification during VC connectionAfter a restart of the utility, enter password and re-establish connection for previously registered sites.Initiate VM migration operationsfrom the vSphere Client pluginFor experience integrated with the inventory tree use the 'Import VMs' action on a selected target Host or Cluster.For the general source-to-target scenario use the 'Migrate VMs' wizard from 'vCenter Servers List' view.from the 'Migrate' tab of the standalone UI. Progress of migration tasks can be monitored on the home page.Provide required parameters (select values from menu):Operation type: supported operations are relocate/cloneSource and target sites: select sites from already registered sitesSource VMs: select datacenter and VMs from the source site for migrationPlacement target: select target compute resource (host or cluster)Target datastore: select target datastore for placementNetwork mappings: select networks to map from source to target sites(Optional) Target pool and folder: select target VM folder/resource poolAPIsREST APIs for automating migration tasks can be accessed/executed from the API reference link under the help menu which links to the Swagger UI. Here are examples of site registration and performing migration task through the API:Site registrationcurl -X POST :8080/api/sites -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '"sitename":"my-vc", "hostname":"","username":"administrator@vsphere.local","password":"mysecret","insecure":false'Migration taskcurl -X POST :8080/api/tasks -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '"operationType":"relocate","sourceSite":"site1","targetSite":"site2","sourceDatacenter":"Datacenter","vmList":["vm1", "vm2", "vm3"],"targetDatacenter":"Datacenter","targetCluster":"Cluster","targetHost":null,"targetDatastore":"Datastore","networkMap":"Private Network":"Internal Network", "VM Network":"VM Network"'NotesApplication logs are stored in xvm.log file.

  • Site connection details (excluding password) are stored in xvm.dat file on disk.

  • SSL keys for vCenter servers are stored in xvm.ks keystore file.

  • The app stores migration task state in memory, implying a restart of the app loses information about migration tasks.

  • Please refer to this KB article for supported configurations for Cross vCenter vMotion

  • A detailed blog by William Lam on the utility -vm-migration-using-new-cross-vcenter-vmotion-utility-fling.html

  • A demo of an earlier version of the utility can be found at =r_kG8ny-qss

ChangelogVersion 3.1, January 22, 2020

Vmware Vcenter Converter Standalone 3.0 3 Download

This page contains a list of products released by VMware. vTracker is automatically updated when new products are available to download (GA) at If you want to get notified about new VMware Products, subscribe to the RSS Feed. You can also use the JSON export to build your own tool. Feel free to comment when you have any feature requests.

P2V conversions of SLES 9 sources cannot complete, if the root directory is located on an LVM disk When you select to convert a physical SLES 9 source, Converter Standalone cannot complete the conversion if the root directory is located on an LVM disk. After the conversion job is 99% complete, the job status changes to Failed and the following entry is added to the log: FAILED: An error occurred during the conversion: 'Failed to restore original lvm in initrd image: /usr/lib/vmware-converter/ failed with return code: 1, and message: * Unpacking initrd image /mnt/p2v-src-root//boot/initrd cpio: unsupported cpio format, use newc or crc ERROR: Unable to unpack initrd image /mnt/p2v-src-root//boot/initrd ' Workaround: Convert the LVM disk to a basic disk.

Linked cloning of standalone VMware sources to Linux SMB shared destination fails Linked cloning tasks of VMware standalone sources to SMB shared destinations that run on Linux fail with the following error: converter.fault.FileIOFault.

Product: VMware vCenter Converter Standalone -- Error 1920.Service VMware vCenter Converter Server (vmware-converter-server) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.

B) I tried also to install vcenter converter standalone on windows machine. In this case, all works fine until Summary Review conversione parameters. If click finish to start conversion, in vcenter I can see create and then delete vm tasks, but in converter standalone I get a "A general system error occurred: unknown internal error"

Using Vm Converter 5.0 to do P2V a linux server. But getting a read only file system on VmLinux after conversion. I was wondering if someone knows a working procedure to convert physical Linux to vmware using converter 5. I looked but all I found using converter 4.0 + using Boot CD. For converter 5.0 do we still need boot CD or enabling SSH on linux....etc. If someone can help with a step by step procedure really appreciated.

I trying to copy a vm that's on an old amd processor to another system with a newer socket amd processor using the latest vm converter standalone. I get the following error "Unable to validate the destination. Error:vmodl.fault.SystemError" the esxi 5.1 versions are the same on both servers and the difference is the older is regular SATA vs SATA raid controller on the newer system. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The VM that im trying to move over is Windows 2008 R2 64 bit.

The system is an ubuntu 10 system. The error I get is "FAILED: An error occurred during the conversion: 'GrubInstaller::InstallGrub: /usr/lib/vmware-converter/ failed with return code: 127, and message: Installing GRUB1 on (hd0)... / 59: grub:not found Error installing GRUB Error running through chroot into /mnt/p2v-src-root '"

Section for VMware vCenter Converter Standalone, pid=4396, version=4.0.1, build=build-161434, option=Release[2010-12-09 21:50:28.750 01980 warning 'App'] Failed to create console writer[2010-12-09 21:50:28.750 04136 info 'App'] Current working directory: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone[2010-12-09 21:50:28.750 04136 info 'Libs'] HOSTINFO: Seeing Intel CPU, numCoresPerCPU 1 numThreadsPerCore 2.[2010-12-09 21:50:28.750 04136 info 'Libs'] HOSTINFO: This machine has 2 physical CPUS, 2 total cores, and 4 logical CPUs.[2010-12-09 21:50:28.750 04136 info 'Libs'] Using system libcrypto, version 9070AF[2010-12-09 21:50:29.921 04136 info 'App'] Vmacore::InitSSL: doVersionCheck = true, handshakeTimeoutUs = 120000000[2010-12-09 21:50:29.937 04136 info 'App'] [,0] Mntapi_Init Asked - 1.0 Served - 1.0 was successful,TempDirectory: C:\WINNT\TEMP\vmware-temp\vmware-SYSTEM.[2010-12-09 21:50:29.937 04136 info 'App'] [serviceWin32,413] vmware-converter-agent service started[2010-12-09 21:51:50.937 04140 info 'App'] [serviceWin32,277] vmware-converter-agent service stopped


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