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Tikhon Sorokin
Tikhon Sorokin

Super Deepthroat Game 1.21b !FREE!

And now I get a bunch of requests to include this file in the game. Everyone wants in. However, I never intended to do that at first. My work at the time required many many projects and I wanted to do the game work that I was paid to do, which was simple games and flash games. I felt that my time was too valuable to be spent on anything other than simple games and flash games. Recently, thanks to Zediva, Im doing my first paid downloadable game. Its called "Eyes of Nip" and its just one simple life-simulator with a bunch of tutorials at the end. That was my first ever paid download, so I thought I should share my experience to help all of you who want to break into the business. Since I did the paid game, I want to be able to release a free game that will teach all the whoring basics, learn some phat animations, and learn a few different types of deepthroating.

Super Deepthroat Game 1.21b

I had to stop on my first payment (correct me if I am wrong here) it was after the 100th download. So this means, the initial download was to tell me if i should put that game on my site or just give it away for free. If youve downloaded the game, then youve understood what I am talking about. The point is that giving the game away for free caused me a lot of headaches, or what Im calling losses. It caused me to lose time I shouldve spent programming, and it caused me to lose money from my previous employer I was supposedly making a game for. So, to avoid going through this situation again, Im very frank about this. I dont want to be the guy who releases free games, but the guy who never releases free games. Free games are fine for your first few games. Heck, your 2nd and 3rd, not 4th game. But to make a living, you need to make money. What Im trying to tell you, is be careful when selling free games. If youre short on cash, if your game isnt made well, if your not even sure if you can make money from it, than why are you giving it away for free?


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