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Java Persistence With Hibernate Second Edition Torrent

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Java Persistence With Hibernate Second Edition Torrent

Spring Boot is used to develop REST web services and Microservices. Spring Boot reduces the configuration and setup time required for spring projects. Hibernate (Java ORM Framework) provides a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain to a relational database table like MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. Spring Boot Hibernate is used in the java environment and provides a solution for object relation mapping that use to map object-relational databases to the spring boot application. Spring Boot Hibernate is an open-source framework used to develop the Java application and is implementing the Java persistence API specification for the persistence data. Hibernate Query Language is used to generate the database query, so there is no need to do it manually at the time of implementation in the project. Spring Boot Hibernates helps to create the table automatically in the database without doing it manually.

The IDE also generates methods in to create, edit, remove and find entities. The EntityManager API defines the methods that are used to interact with the persistence context. You can see that the IDE generates some commonly used default query methods that can be used to find entity objects. The findAll , findRange and count methods use methods defined in the Criteria API for creating queries. The Criteria API is part of the JPA 2.x specification that is included in the Java EE 6 specification.


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