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The ternary classification of X-ray images using a DL model known as CVDNet was proposed by Ouchicha et al. [104]. The model is designed based on a residual neural network, which is constructed using two parallel levels with different filter sizes in order to capture both global and local features of the input datasets. The study trained and validated the model using datasets downloaded from online repositories, which include viral pneumonia (1345), COVID-19 pneumonia (219), and normal cases (1341). The performance evaluation of CVDNet based on 5k-fold cross validation resulted in an average accuracy of 96.69%, 96.84% recall, 96.72% precision, and 96.68% F1-score for three-way classification.

Hack For Mu Online 97d Servers

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The study conducted by Ibrahim et al. [18] applied a pretrained AlexNet model for several binary classifications, ternary classifications, and quaternary classifications of X-ray images of COVID-19, viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, and normal cases. The TL model was trained and tested using several datasets curated from online sources. The result of the four-way classification of X-ray images using pretrained AlexNet resulted in an accuracy of 93.42%, sensitivity of 89.18%, and specificity of 98.92%.

Rehman et al. [118] proposed real-time detection of COVID-19 from X-ray images. The framework was developed based on a CNN-residual neural network (ResNet-50). The mechanism behind the real-time CAD revolved around the upload of X-ray images from healthcare centers and remote clinics and subsequent classification using ResNet-50. The performance of the proposed IoT/CAD system achieved 98% accuracy and 0.975 AUC on chest X-ray images acquired from online repositories (already augmented and containing 1824 total images, where 912 are non-COVID-19 and 912 COVID-19 cases).


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