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pruritus vulvae is a specific phobia, in which a person fears or dreads contact with the vulva or vagina. a person with pruritus vulvae may have obsessive thoughts about their genitals and may feel compelled to wash them, which may contribute to the development of other mental health disorders, such as body dysmorphic disorder and genital dysmorphophobia.

the place you have come to fear the most rar

aphobia gravidarum, or the fear of pregnancy, is the most common form of pregnancy phobia. an estimated 75% of pregnant women are affected by this type of fear. while the fear of pregnancy may be passed down from mother to child, it is generally not considered to be a phobia. instead, it is considered to be a normal and common fear, as well as a normal and natural reaction to pregnancy. it is not usually considered a symptom of a mental health disorder and does not pose any long-term psychological problems.

aphonia gravidarum is a fear of giving birth. this fear is one of the more common causes of an inability to have children or difficulties having children. some women are afraid of the pain of childbirth, while others may be afraid of the pain of labor and pushing. women who experience this fear have it in the early stages of pregnancy, and it is fairly common for women who experience this fear to outgrow it within the first 12 months. even with a less than pleasant experience, studies have found that women who experience this fear may not necessarily suffer from anxiety or depression.

toxophobia is the fear of pregnant toxaemia. according to the british pregnancy advisory service, pregnant women are usually frightened by the idea of toxaemia, which is the overgrowth of blood. pregnant women who are scared of toxaemia may be afraid of contracting it, of their blood turning a dark color, or that their blood will leak from their body.


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